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Mi., 08. Nov.


Astra Stube


SUPPORT: Breathe Your Last


Zeit & Ort

08. Nov. 2023, 20:00

Astra Stube, Max-Brauer-Allee 200, 22769 Hamburg, Deutschland


Formed in March 2014, Germany-based bashers Skythen come tearing out of the gate with a 7-song debut EP, entitled

Silverowls, guaranteed to garner attention as soon as unsuspecting metal community gets wind of it. Categories be

damned, but if you have to stamp a label on the band's sound call Skythen a no bullsh*t metal band with Black Sabbath-

flavoured stoner-rock tendencies. Former Dad Maria members Benjamin Kapidzic (vocals, guitars) and Frederic

Twisterling (bass) have teamed up with Jakob Ehmke (drums / [soon]) to create a short but heavy rollercoaster built

without brakes. Skythen is heavily reminiscent of Norwegian crushers Susperia, as Kapidzic is a dead ringer for singer

Athera when he doesn't sound like Faith No More's Mike Patton in a shouting match. Musically, the trio channel

everything from the aformentioned Sabbath to Susperia, Down, classic Metallica, and Turbonegro over the course of

Silverowls, capping things off with a stoner-tweaked cover of Metallica's "Motorbreath". For a first shot it doesn't get

better than this. Words by Carl Begai

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